The Opportunity is in the Compromise

Time and again, we think our desires have to be in the ALL or NOTHING category.

I forget.

You forget.

We all forget that we have other options that we should seek to exercise.

One of my dear friends is contemplating leaving her traditional forty hours a week job. It pays the bills and keeps her comfortable in a middle class category as a divorced mom of two. Her current full-time position will be eliminated at some point in 2015 and she was certain that she would walk away, severance package in hand, ready to pursue her dreams. With the decision at least six months away, she is already getting cold feet.

"Do I want to give up the consistent income?"

"I'll have to figure out health insurance."

"Can I make it on my own?"

These are all thoughts and questions she has asked herself and are necessary for her to weigh the pros and cons.

In a recent conversation, I made the suggestion that maybe she does not have to let go of her comfort zone completely. She is fortunate that her company would like to keep her around; finding a new position.

The ball is in her court in this situation.

So, that got me to thinking. While I believe she has the talent to make it as a phenomenal photographer, I understand her reservations. I suggested that she negotiate a four day work week with her company with flexible hours, so that she can dedicate other time to work on her passion and be intentional about creating a path to working independently. 

Guess what?! She hadn't thought about that and thought it was a great solution for her at this time.

I was excited to help her see the situation through a different lens and create a new OPPORTUNITY for her future.

Now, to the negotiations!

Elle DavisComment