The Early Bird Opportunity

If I wake up at 7 a.m., that's LATE!

I feel rushed; knowing I have missed out on some important ME time. My husband used to talk about me all the time, joking about me needing to ease into my day. I must confess, it is true. 

I appreciate and enjoy the stillness of the morning; the quiet time that provides me the clarity that I need to get through my day. It is a time for me to pray, to meditate, to offer gratitude, to hear, without the noise of the day.

When I rise early, I am able to center myself and create a day of intentional actions. It is a ritual that keeps me sane and ready for what the world presents to me on any given day. When I miss those early morning appointments, there is a difference in my demeanor and my ability to get things done. I walk around feeling out of whack; wanting a do-over.

In my eyes, I miss the opportunity to be my best self. I struggle to find my centered self. 

You only have one chance to start your day. I believe you should give yourself at least 15 minutes, before giving away the rest of your time to the world.

If you wake up hitting the ground running, slow down. Set your alarm a little earlier and spend that time in the stillness of the morning.

Don't forget to tell me about your experience.

Elle DavisComment