The Vision is the Opportunity

I think vision boards are AWESOME!

I appreciate what they symbolize and even the process of getting them complete. There is power in intentionally taking time to look for pictures and words that depict what you want to create in your life. In participating in this activity, you set yourself up to attract the things you want. Of course, you have to do some work, but it provides a guide to be able to complete the work you are doing.

Vision boards provide a tool for you to see the things that you would like to accomplish in any given time frame. The best thing about your vision board is that it is YOURS! You can create it. It can be large or small; colorful or color-less; specific or broad; focused on one quarter or one year. It's up to you.

Once you have drafted the vision, you have an incredible OPPORTUNITY to live out what you see for yourself. As goals are accomplished, you gain momentum and are inspired to do more for yourself and others. You tend to create a space for yourself that empowers you to want and do more. That is the power in a vision board!

The best can create one at anytime, not just at the beginning of a new year. Each day provides you a new opportunity to write the vision.



Elle DavisComment