My Love Affair


My freshmen year of college, one of my new found friends and I went to the hallmark store so she could buy a valentine's card for a parent or a friend, honestly, I don't remember for whom. However, I do recall taking a look at cards and deciding I would get one for my parents, and one for my aunt, and one for a friend, and then another, and another, and another.

We were in that store for hours!

When I counted the number of cards I had, it was at least ten. Seriously, I was a freshmen in college with no job!

Greeting cards are expensive! I really did not have the money to spend on something that would eventually get tossed. I had to put one or two back in their rightful place.

However, I wanted those that I cared about to know that I was thinking of them and each card was so well crafted for each person I thought of. The marketing of the day was successful. It pulled on my heart strings. Now, it's okay for me to laugh out loud at myself.

It made me HAPPY to send those cards.

I cared that the recipients would get a piece of mail that would make them smile and forget, for a moment, about the bills that always came in the mail. 

I have not sent out Valentine's Day cards in many years. I have become cynical of the holiday. In some ways, the holiday seems disingenuous. I try not to focus on that.

I am still a fan of greeting cards, handwritten notes and thank you cards. It is a lost art in our technology age. 

Today, because I am feeling full of love, I fall back on the technology that I speak of, using this forum to tell the world about my love affair with my family and friends. The love you share with me is unmatched. I often inform you of my gratitude and return love with love on any given day.

Wherever you are in the world, I LOVE YOU and I THANK YOU for being a part of my life!

This day is not about the romantic love that we have created it to be. I personally think it's just about LOVE!

Who do you LOVE? Tell them. Show them.