The Unexpected Single Parent

As far back as I could remember, I always wanted a family of my own. I looked forward to the day I could be a wife and a mother.

My daughter turns three in less than a week and she brings me a great deal of joy on so many levels. Motherhood was everything I expected even with its' ups and downs.

I did everything the "right" way; the way I was taught, so that I could raise my daughter with two loving parents.

I did not expect life to unfold in a way that would cause me to continually question why bad things happen to good people. I am learning to live life with new a new perspective and taking nothing for granted. 

I share with you an excerpt from the book collaboration The Apple of His Eye of which I tell a portion of my story about becoming a single parent:

"My husband was very hands-on. He understood that we needed the balance in our home of both of us interacting and caring for our daughter. I don't think I had previously taken him for granted, but I was certain that aside from missing him, I missed being able to share the responsibility of raising a child. I felt very overwhelmed and could not figure out how I was going to cook, clean, work, live out my dreams and care for my daughter on my own. I know that other people continue to conquer this task. I wasn't convinced that I was equipped."

So, when you see my daughter and I, and you notice that I don't have a  wedding ring on my finger, don't assume that I am a part of the typical single-mom statistic who has been knocked up by a fling or some dude that did not love me. 

My story has depth and you don't know my pain until you have walked in my shoes. 

Be the support that a single parent needs!