Exploring Wifehood

This month more than any other, my facebook timeline has been filled with congratulatory messages and pictures of wedding days that took place three, four, five years ago. I personally know at least three couples that celebrated anniversaries in the past couple of days.

I include myself in that group as I changed my profile picture and facebook cover on June 11th.

It marked four years that my husband and I would have been married. However, it was the second anniversary that I experienced without him.  

While his early demise spawned me into a space where I push out everything God has placed in me, my desire to ensure wives are better equipped to handle marriage was birthed in 2012 when I was having lunch with a girlfriend who was unhappily married nine months into her union.

Our scheduled lunch date of an hour turned into a four hour cleansing session where we both cried, laughed and questioned what it means to be a good wife.

We talked about love languages, we talked about our individuals quirks and those of our mates. We discussed how different we were from our spouses and the things we loved about them.

You name it and I am certain it came up in our conversation.

As we were preparing to depart, I remember saying to her that we needed a manual to know how to be a wife.

There are tons of books to "parent the right way" and plenty more about marriage.

Where was the book that strictly tells a woman what it means to be a wife? 

The faith community will tell you that the Proverbs 31 woman indeed gives us a picture of who we are to be as wives. However, many of us need some practical examples of what that means on a daily basis.

While it was not impressed upon me to write that manual (not yet anyway), it has been impressed upon me to start the community, Circle of Wives.

Since August 2014, women have come to my home to talk about their joys and challenges of being a wife.

Along the way, we have learned that no one has the answer individually. Coming together allows us to exhale and take off the mask we present to the world.

Each meeting, we uncover what it means for us to be wives.

Share with us.

What does being a wife mean to you?