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Grants 101: What you need to know before you propose!

  • Sankofa Cultural Arts & Business Center 5820 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL, 60651 United States (map)

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Whether you are a non-profit or for profit organization, company, or business, someone has probably told you to pursue grants to obtain the funding you need to conduct the program you desire. You believe that's a great idea and you decide to compete for the first grant you come across. If you're lucky, you are awarded the grant and are excited about all the people you are going to help. On the flip side, you may not receive the grant and become discouraged about the process in its' entirety. Either way, it is important to develop a plan of action that will place you on the path to viably compete with all the other grant seekers in your target arena.

Your participation in the April 2nd workshop will help you gain a better understanding in the following areas:

  1. Grant Prospecting: Your focus should be on your mission, not the money
  2. Building Relationships: Get to know the funders and their priorities
  3. Proposal Writing: Just answer the questions

These are key components that development and operations team members need to understand as they tackle the grants game. Grant writers are often very skilled writers, however they may lack the knowledge of other important aspects that can impact obtaining a grant reward.

This information will be valuable to you and your organization as you seek the funding to support your clientele.

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